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Starting a Beauty Routine

I recently uploaded a self-help video sharing my tips on starting a beauty routine. It is so important to give ourselves the gift of ‘self-love.’ Unfortunately so many things in this life drain our energy and without committing time to ourselves we can become depleted quite quickly.

I have spent the last two years streamlining multiple faucets of my personal beauty routine. Since I received many inquirers into what I do I decided to create a self-help video to inspire and hopefully benefit you all.

Thank you for supporting me. With the start of any New Year resolutions begin. I prepared by meditating on thankfulness. I am praying that this year will find every reader more full-filled, less stressed, more rested, and at peace in the here and now.  Please reach out to me with any questions if starting a self-love routine is something you are desiring to do but still have a few hang ups.


Update: As my routine has evolved in the past 2 years an update post will be coming soon! 💋



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