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Foxy Locks Hair Extension Review

Foxy Locks Hair Extensions have been a go-to beauty item of mine since 2012!  Recently I’ve received several requests to do a hair how-to video. Since their hair extensions are a part of my hair routine I decided to do a review on the brand I use.

I am no spring chicken when it comes to wearing hair extensions as I’ve used them on and off since 2006. Clip-in hair extensions were new to the scene 12 years ago and at the time they were hard to find. So what was a gal to do?! Make them herself. Yep, I used to take weft tracks and sew them together. Then I would measure and hand sew the clips on each weft. It was a lot of work. Unfortunately the hair quality, although real, was poor. I had a very hard time finding good Remy hair especially tracks that were pre-sewn with clips. The search began and this is how I found Foxy Locks.


What is Remy hair?

Remy hair is ‘real’ hair taken all at once from the same donor with little to no adulteration. This means that collectively the hair is all the same length and the cuticles lay flat. A flat cuticle is key to shiny, smooth, soft hair. Good quality Remy hair is worth the investment as it lasts the longest and can withstand heat styling, washing, and coloring. Remy hair also comes in different weight classes. These are known by ‘gram’ weight. If you decide to visit Foxy Locks and go through their hair extension collection you will see gram weights listed within the description.

Gram weight is simply telling you how much hair to expect on the weft. On average most hair extensions start at 90 grams. What does 90 grams look like? Think thin and see-through. The higher the gram weight the greater the amount of locks. For instance Foxy Locks start  their Regular Seamless Extensions at 125g and 18 inches of length! This is equivalent to a full head of hair that is of a fine texture. As the gram weight climbs up the number scale so does the density of hair.

*For instance 200g worth of hair would look like a full head of hair that is heavy and thick.

Where is Foxy Locks located?

  • Foxy Locks is a UK brand.

Where to buy?

How much do they cost?

  • They range in price.

Being based out of the UK all their extensions are listed in the Euro Dollar. However, upon check out it is converted to US Dollars if you live in the US and are purchasing from the States. On average expect to pay between $100-$200 dollars per set. This includes tax and shipping.

You will find Foxy Locks to be very affordable especially when considering the quality of product. Over the years their hair extensions have seen several revisions and each time they have gotten better and better. Now their wefts are seamless and undetectable.

Foxy Locks regularly sells out of their product due to high demand.  However if an item you are interested in is out-of-stock you can opt to be added to their email list, and notified when it becomes available.

How long do they last?

  • Personally my clip-in hair extensions last 6 months.

However, I  maintain and treat them with care. If interested in seeing a video on how I take care of my extensions please leave me a comment below and I’ll put a tutorial together.

*I wear my extensions 3-5 days a week.

Watch the video below for a full review on these gorgeous hair extensions.

Features and Benefits
  • Easy Clip in hair extensions that add length and volume seamlessly.
  • Real Remy hair that can be heat styled, washed, and/or colored.
  • Seamless and undetectable once clipped in.
  • Resist tangling due to the seamless wefts.
  • Clips have a silicone piece that keeps them snugly fitted to the head, and doesn’t pull or slip.
  • Full range of colors and lengths.
Styles that have been created using Foxy Locks Extensions



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