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Makeup Brushes (pro suggestions) what to buy and how to use

Makeup Brushes have long been a staple in my beauty arsenal. I started off with my first brush kit at 16 years old. (Thanks Mom!) Coming from a painting family I understand the importance of having good makeup brushes. However, for many this can be daunting. Deciding what to buy comes with its own stresses, and when you finally figure out what to get you’re left wondering how to use it.

Tonight I have put together a video going through my personal Makeup Brush collection. These brushes never fail me. I trust them. I love them and I use them daily. They are what I use to help create a beautiful look. To hear my Pro Suggestions on what to buy, what brands I feel are worth your money, and how to use these brushes please see the video below.


Makeup Brushes suggested, shown, & discussed in the video. 

*The links below are NONE AFFILIATED links. I do not gain a profit from you clicking on or purchasing anything from the directed websites. 

Face Brushes 

  • Sephora Pro #56. This brush creates a beautiful flawless finish and works well with any liquid foundation. The density of the bristles help to pack and build coverage while allowing you to smooth it out.  shop it here
  • Merle Norman Face #7. This brush is my go-to for all Long Wearing liquid foundations. The synthetic/natural bristle blend helps to smooth out foundation and create an airbrush effect. The density of this brush also helps build coverage on trouble areas. check it out here
  • Merle Norman Face #8. The ‘Mother’ Concealer brush. It blends all liquid concealers into perfection while building coverage.  check it out here
  • MAC 217 eye shadow brush. I use this particular brush to blend the edges of my concealer. It helps blur lines and blend concealer flawlessly. shop it here
  • Merle Norman Face #6. The small paddle on this brush easily scoops out pancake forms of concealer. (Think of those that come in pots) It’s stiff enough to pick up product but gives easily. Allowing you to apply concealer under the eyes and in other areas on the face. Using a stippling motion will help it build product in trouble areas.  check it out here
  • Merle Norman Face #4. The tapered point on this brush makes it a dream to work with under the eyes. I love setting my concealer with this brush, and working on clients with it. It works lovely around the nose, between the eyes, and around the lip line. It can either apply foundation or set it. check it out here
  • MAC Blush Brush #116. This is the perfect size brush for applying blush and blending it out.
  • Sephora Pro #79. This is a ONE STOP SHOP brush! If you need one brush to help you contour, set, apply blush and/or highlighter then this is it. I love this brush and am so glad I got it. shop it here  Suggestion. If you do decide to buy this brush I recommend the Vera Mona color switch to remove color in between different applications. 
  • Real Techniques Contour Brush and Setting Brush.
  1. These babies can be found at CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Target, Walmart, PX, NEX, and Bed Bath and Beyond. The contour brush is available in a kit only. shop it here The setting brush is perfect for setting all areas on the face whether it be foundation or concealer. shop it here

Eye Brushes

  • Real Techniques Metal Collection Eye Shadow brushes #200 and #203
  1. The #203 is a great dupe for the MAC 217. shop it here
  2. The #200 is perfect for washing color across the lid and up under the brow bone. Due to its density it also builds and packs in pigment. shop it here
  • MAC 217. This brush will pack and blend eye shadow seamlessly onto the lid and crease. shop it here
  • MAC 219. The pencil brush is great for smoking out the lash line or creating a cut crease. shop it here
  • MAC 239. This dense eye shadow brush is great for packing pigment onto the lid. It holds color well including glitter shadows. shop it here
  • Merle Norman Brow Brush. The stiff bristles help give structure to the brow, and simulate the look of brow hair. check it out here
  • Merle Norman Eyes #3. Helps to apply color directly in the crease with out defusing it. check it out here
  • MAC 210. The best small eye liner brush! I use the 210 to apply gel eye liner and it can create multiple lining styles. This particular brush glides across the lid seamlessly without skipping. shop it here
  • Michael’s craft paint brushes work just as well as certain department store brands. My favorites are Simply Simmons, La Corneille, and Artists Loft. I always recommend going in and feeling these brushes and picking ones that best meet your need.

I hope you enjoyed this post and the tutorial. If you have any questions please comment below or contact me through email.

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