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Top 4 Best Sunscreens

Last week I posted Everything you need to know about Sunscreen! This week I am following it up with my review on the top 4 best sunscreens! Are you interested in seeing 4 types of sunscreen that I have both reviewed but also use? In the video I am showing my top 4 sunscreen go-to’s.  It’s all about UV protection!

Products Shown in the video

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I cannot speak enough about sun protection and how vital it is to protect our skin from the sun. No matter our skin tone WE ARE ALL AFFECTED by UVA/UVB damage. The sun does not discriminate. It can cause premature aging and/or skin cancer on ALL skin tones.

Please feel free to comment with any questions or even product suggestions! I love reading my comments and as mentioned in the video I would like to know if y’all have found an all natural SPF body lotion!

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