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Everything you need to know about false eye lashes!

Tonight I am posting a subject that is near and dear to my heart. FAlSE EYE LASHES!!! Personally, I wear a strip of false eye lashes everyday. I have had my fair share of up’s and down’s while wearing and applying these lil gems. So I decided to combine my tips, tricks, and techniques into one post.

The video below walks you through everything you’ll need to know about false eye lashes. I will be walking you through multiple lash styles and what they can do for your eyes. I give a talk through on how to properly trim your false lashes, because most need trimming. I’ll be covering lash glue in all its forms, and which lash tools are the best in creating a flawless seamless false lash look!

Whether you’re a seasoned pro, beginner, or somewhere in between I hope you’ll draw inspiration and understanding from it.

How to choose false eye lashes.

Deciding which lashes to buy can be as daunting as naming your first child lol. When choosing which ones serve you best you’ll first have to consider your eye shape. Are they round or almond-shaped? Are they large or small? How are your natural lashes? Are they long and slightly curled/straight, or short and straight/curled? Then you’ll need to decide what the end goal is. Are you wanting volume, length, or both?

If your lashes are long you will want to buy lashes that are longer than your own. If volume is all you really want you can choose a pair that matches the length of your natural lashes but has thick clusters on the band that will build volume.

If your lashes are short you may want to opt for a shorter version of false lashes and get use to the extra length before jumping into full dramatic lashes.

Maybe you want the full volume and length? If so, you will want to find lashes that are long and thick.  Mind you, considering the strip the false lashes are attached to is also important. Why? A lash band that is thinner will have move-ability making it easier to apply then a thick band that is stiff. However, thick bands have their pluses. For instance they create a lot of inky drama at the lash line and have a retro/glam feel to them.

What is my favorite brand of false lashes? 

Why is Ardell my go-to?

  • There are a 100 styles to choose from. Dramatic, slightly dramatic, and everyday natural.
  • They are made from 100% human hair.
  • Ardell offers strip and individual lashes.
  • I find they work the best for my eye shape which is ROUND.

Other lash brands I use and have tried.

Lash Glue.

Lash Glue is the 2nd most important thing to purchase. Each lash glue slightly differs from the other, and personal preference is key to choosing your favorite. As shown in the video you can choose between tube glue or glue that comes with an applicator. Personally I love being able to use an applicator.

You can choose between clear or dark glue. Clear glue will dry clear and wont disturb eye makeup if there is an accident. It also creates the most natural look on the eye and at the lash line. Dark glue, when applied correctly, is an amazing thing. It thickens and darkens the lash line making it seem as if you have eye liner on.

Best eye lash glues for strip lashes. (MY PERSONAL OPINION)

  • REVLON- clear or dark
  • HOUSE OF LASHES- clear or dark
  • DUO (tube) clear or dark.

Latex free options, and natural lash glues.

  • KISS brand offers natural and latex free options.
  • TARTE brand is all natural.
  • DUO brand offers latex free options.

Tools of the trade.

Having the tools to complete a lash look are vital! Without them your experience may feel frustrating and leave you wanting. Below you will find the tools I mention, from the video, that help to make things go smoothly when applying, and styling your false lashes.

This little wonder will curl and mesh your natural lashes into the false ones. It aids in application and can help separate any lashes that get stuck together. It is also a great tool to help remove the false lashes from their tray without causing damage.

I cannot say enough about pointed q-tips! They have so many uses. I like using these to either apply glue on the lash band, or separate any natural lashes that have gotten stuck into the false lashes.

Brow wands are my secret weapon in removing unwanted debris that might have fixed itself to the false lashes. I also use it to separate and “fluff” up the false lashes for a beautiful full fanned effect.

Quick eye lash tips.


  • Trimming false lashes can be tricky. If you trim too much you can’t go back and fix it. I always say take a little at a time until you’re used to the lashes and how they work with your eye shape. After removing your lashes from the tray hold them up to your eye and see how they lay in your natural lash line. Are the edges sticking out past the outer corner of your eye? If so, mark how much and trim there. Always trim from the outside in. Again take a little at a time. Then hold the lash strip back up to your eye and remeasure. If they are still sticking out at the outer corner, trim again.
  • If the lashes are too long DON’T TRIM. Instead exchange them for a shorter pair. Trimming the length of the lashes can result in a “buzz cut” looking lash. In short; not cute.

Massaging your strip lashes.

  • Warming up the strip lashes between your fingers is another good way to help them meld onto your eye. Once you have removed them from the tray just run the band between your fingers. Remember that strip lashes are molded to the tray they come in. This means some are more almond-shaped while others are more rounded. You may want to massage these lil gems and help reshape them to conform to your eye shape.

Mascara Do’s and Dont’s.

  • I always recommend applying your mascara before putting on your false lashes. This will help blend your natural lashes into the false ones and keep mascara off the fake lashes. Unfortunately mascara can and will ruin false eye lashes. It can make them tacky, and stuck together. Mascara also has a way of eating down into the false lashes and deteriorating them.
  • However, if you want that MEGA WATT drag/glam look then packing mascara onto the false lashes is key! In this case you would apply mascara to both your natural and false lashes once you have put them on. Just know that by the end of the evening you may have to pitch the pair into the trash.
  • If you apply your false lashes and realize that some of your natural lashes are not covered by mascara then you can cheat. (I do this sometimes) Use a very skinny mascara wand, and place the tip of the mascara onto your natural lash and push it in at the root slightly dragging it towards the tip. Make sure to be mindful and stop when you reach the end of your natural lash. I have found this technique works well and if done correctly will keep mascara off the false lashes.

Never sleep in false lashes.

  • I feel this doesn’t need to much explaining. If you want to save your own natural lashes and the false ones then remove them before going to sleep. ❤

I hope you enjoyed the video and post! Please give it a share especially if you know someone within your circle who would love it too.

I post every Monday @7pm. Stay tuned for my “how-to apply false eye lashes like a pro” posting next Monday June 11th.

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