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Top 4 Best Eye Liners!

In today’s post I am sharing the Top 4 Best Eye Liners.  It can be hard to find an eye liner to love. We often wonder which liners work the best. Below are my Holy Grail eye liners and I reach for them all the time! Some I have used for years and years. I find that they work for multiple eye shapes, and for all eye ages.

To hear and see more check out the video below.

TOP 4 Eye Liners discussed in the video

  • NYX MATTE LIQUID LINER liquid liner


This is the ultimate bad boy right here! With the ability to create any line it dries down to a matte finish, doesn’t smear throughout the day, and can literally be used by anyone! It is perfect for hiding false lash bands. Watch me demo it in this video➡ How to apply false lashes like a Pro!

I have several in my makeup kit and in my purses. This is a personal everyday HG product. I find this liquid liner compares to higher end brands and is readily available at these locations.

It is only available in Black.



This is my favorite gel eye liner. I have used it since 2006! It creates the most beautiful winged eye looks, and any other line you want to create. Beware it sets quickly! Once it sets it is waterproof. This is a perfect liner to wear inside the water line as it won’t move or shift. An eye makeup remover is a must with this product.

The Merle Norman Lasting Cream Liner is easy to apply, doesn’t drag or pull the skin, and is great for all eye ages and eye shapes.  Unfortunately you can only purchase this product through a Merle Norman studio. I recommend sourcing one in your area and giving it a try.

It is currently available in Black, Slate, Brown, and Coffee.



I am partial to Kohl liners because they can create a multitude of looks. If a deep smokey lash line is your thing then look no further. I have not found another Kohl pencil quite like MAC’s. I love that it is truly Black. There is no undertone of Navy or Grey. Many times I have gone to smoke out a liner only to have the undertones come to the surface. I don’t have to worry about that with this guy.

It is a fantastic product to use in the water line as it doesn’t irritate the eye, or flake. However, this IS a Kohl liner. It will not last in the waterline all day without a touch up here and there. I find it works for all eye ages and eye shapes. My tip is to keep the pencil sharp. That way it can be worked into the lash line easier and draw thinner lines.

It is available in an array of different colors. Head over to their website, listed above, and check some out.

  • URBAN DECAY 24/7 GLIDE ON PENCIL liner urban decay


I recently stumbled upon this product and was MIND BLOWN! The ability this pencil has to glide onto the eye is amazing! The pigment is pitch black and has no other undertone. Besides gliding onto the eye flawlessly it can also be worn in the water lines with minimal touch up. Urban Decay’s 24/7 glide on pencils are waterproof and once they set it is hard to budge. I recommend using an eye makeup remover to take it off.

This is a fantastic pencil for anyone with any eye shape or eye age. It is perfect for those who have pressure sensitivity’s as it literally goes onto the eye with a simple light stroke. The only downside is that I find I have to sharpen it with every use. Sometimes between each eye. I also recommend buying Urban Decay’s Grind House sharpener to keep this bad boy sharp. Other sharpeners have ruined the pencil.

It is available in a staggering array of colors. Head over to their website, listed above, and check them out. You can also find Urban Decay at these retailers.

  • ULTA

For a demo make sure to watch the video above as I swatch everything mentioned. If you have a question, comment, or request please leave it down below!

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Next week I will be launching a How-to on creating the perfect cat eye using one of these eye liners!

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