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How to clip-in Hair Extensions | Foxy Locks

Hair extensions have been a part of my beauty routine for 6 years. Recently I decided to start wearing them everyday. I find they not only add length, but add more volume and thickness. (I have naturally fine hair)

This month I have dedicated my post’s and video’s to the requests I have received over the last few months. I love that you guys are interacting with me and sending me ideas to film and write about! To start the month of requested videos off, I will be showing y’all how to clip-in hair extensions. Foxy Locks Hair Extensions is my preferred brand of choice, and is what I will be using in the video below. However, my tips and techniques will work with any brand of clip-in hair extensions.

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To see and learn more please watch the video!

Products Used and Shown in the Video

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hair extensionsFoxy Locks Regular Seamless 18 inch hair extensions. Click here to shop.

  • The shade I buy is called Caramel Blonde. It works well for most blonde shades with gold undertones. I currently have strawberry blonde hair with light golden blonde highlights.



foxy locks hair combFoxy Locks Detangler brush. Click here to shop.

  • This is the perfect mate to the Foxy Locks hair extensions. It detangles without tearing the hair from the weft. It also gently detangles your own hair. Which makes this a must have! I love how shiny and smooth my hair extensions look after using this brush! I also use it to blow dry my hair.



  1. I always recommend detangling your natural hair before clipping in the hair extension wefts. This helps to keep things seamless and tangle free!
  2. You will want to decide how many wefts are needed to complete your desired look. I have naturally fine hair that falls below the shoulder. Out of the 8 wefts provided in my hair extension set I only use 7 on most days. If you have thicker hair you may need less. If your hair is cut shorter you may need all 8. Don’t be afraid to play around and do what works best for you!
  3. If needed, have the extensions cut so that they blend in with your own hair. Adapting them to your current hair style will keep the extensions looking natural and undetectable.

*To see how to clip in hair extensions, and learn more about the Foxy Locks brand please watch the above video.

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