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Vintage Ooollee Costume Shop & Vintage Clothing Store

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Today I am taking you with me as I shop and tour one of my favorite little stores! Vintage Ooollee is a vintage clothing and costume store located downtown in Augusta Ga. It has been a wonderful place to make new friends and find hidden gems. I hope you’ll enjoy taking a peek into the world of Vintage Ooollee.

Meet Ooollee


Peter, Myself, and Ooollee

I met Ooollee one late afternoon when I popped in to take a quick look at her vintage goods. Immediately I was struck by her cool and open vibe.  She makes you feel welcome and completely comfortable in her store. Over the past few months I have realized that she is an extremely giving person who truly wants to help each person feel included and cared for.

One of the most interesting facts is that Ooollee lives above her business in a building that at one point served as a ‘hotel’. The history of the building itself is extremely intriguing and it is believed that at one point it might have been used as a brothel. I love history and try to absorb all that I can when I start learning facts about the new places I visit. Eventually the store portion became a mill and now is a fabulous costume and vintage clothing store. Ooollee has been running her business for 11 years and has a keen eye for true vintage apparel. Her store is filled with both vintage reproduction (from such brands as VooDooVixen) and true vintage pieces ranging from the 1930’s to 1960’s.  During the year you can find Ooollee and her team making costumes and supplying material for several large plays in the area.  If you have a major event or costume party chances are you will find exactly what you need at Vintage Ooollee.

“Get in loser! We’re going shopping!” – Mean Girls quote

Have you ever walked into a store and never wanted to leave? Well, that’s how I feel when it comes to Vintage Ooollee. I am absolutely smitten every time I walk through its doors. There is never a dull moment! I always find something extraordinary when I am there, and can spend hours upon hours trying on vintage pieces.  Ooollee has picked up on my unique style and likes to help me find items that speak to me. I love that! She tailors everything to her guest. Which is something no ‘online’ store could ever do!











It is very hard to find true vintage clothing that is sound, in good condition and still usable. Ooollee frequents auctions and estate sales amongst other things to find the best pieces for her inventory. As with anything that is 80+ years old some articles of clothing come with well loved hems or areas that may need repaired.  I find this an endearing trait with vintage clothing as it is part of the fabrics history and sometimes can tell a story. Take a peek at some of these outfits I was lucky enough to try on. A huge shout out of love to Peter for bringing me such delectable pieces and knowing me so well! ❤


As it stands my closet is now full of true vintage pieces and vintage reproduction that I have found at Ooollee’s store. She continues to be a bright spot in the culture downtown and is always ready to lend advice or help you anyway she can. Quite recently she put on a fashion show for PRIDE and I was glad to be included in it. Find the video HERE  to watch some of the fun she and her team created for the LBGTQ community.


At Vintage Ooollee you can find costume rentals, lashes, hosiery, jewelry, makeup, vintage fashion, shoes, and more! Check out the video below to learn more about Vintage Ooollee and take a tour of the store.



    Special Thanks!
  • I want to thank Ooollee and her staff for taking the time to open up the store  and allow me and my friend to interview, document, and vlog. We had a wonderful time shopping and visiting for the day. If you live local or want to take a trip to her store you will find all the information below.

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Want to visit the store? You will find them located in Augusta Ga. Phone 706-724-2591

  • I want to thank Ruby for the fabulous footage and helping me create such wonderful content to share with my community. All her social media platforms will be noted below! As we collaborate more often in the future I would love to hear what you guys may want to see or read. If you have an idea you would like to share please put it in the comments section.

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