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Visiting Cafe Lola

Coffee & Champagne? Yes Please! What a fabulous place to spend Mother's Day or any day you want to feel chic and completely fabulous! I followed my heart... it led me to Lola Cafe Lola is located in Las Vegas Nevada and is an absolute must see for anyone traveling to the big "Sin City."… Continue reading Visiting Cafe Lola

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Tea time with Bows | Ecosusi Large Bow briefcase

Reviewing the darling Vintage Bow briefcase from Ecosusi

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Smolder in the Lana Collection – by Secrets In Lace

For Holiday 2020 Secrets in Lace launched the Lana Collection. It’s bold, sophisticated, elegant, and sexy. This entire set will surely find a place within your wardrobe. Today I am showcasing the Winter White Lana Camisole and Lana Sheer Dress styled with the Emma Pajama pant. The satin pajama pant is part of the Emma… Continue reading Smolder in the Lana Collection – by Secrets In Lace

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Glamorous Corsets

Hi Loves! I am beyond excited to be writing my first blog post on corsetry. So many thoughts are swimming through my head, but before any other posts can be written I thought it fitting to start with the basics. MEET GLAMOROUS CORSET *affiliate links within. If you choose to shop through the link I… Continue reading Glamorous Corsets

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Bumper Bangs!

Hello Darlings! Today I am sharing some quick tips to my easy Bumper Bang style. There will be a step by step video tutorial at the end of this blog post for those who might want to skip ahead. Step 1 Start with day old hair. Freshly washed hair can be too slick for this… Continue reading Bumper Bangs!

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How to Wet Set your Hair | Vintage Hair Styling

Hi everyone! Wet-setting the hair is a staple in Vintage Hair Styling. It is a fast (guaranteed) way to invoke beautiful spiral curls that can be brushed into a 1000 different ways. Those of the Vintage Community know what I am speaking of. However, if you're new to Vintage Styling a bonafide 'Wet Set' can… Continue reading How to Wet Set your Hair | Vintage Hair Styling

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How to use Hot Curlers

Hi everyone! Tonight I am discussing a fundamental staple in my beauty routine. Hot Curlers. They are the staple to my Vintage Hairstyle and a way to glamourize without breaking the budget. I love that most hair lengths and cuts can accommodate the use of hot curlers. Hot Curlers *Affiliate links within. This simply means… Continue reading How to use Hot Curlers

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Holiday ready with Pinup Girl Clothing

Tis the Season! I have found 'the' dress to carry me through all the festivities of the Holidays! *This post is NOT sponsored Meet Pinup Girl Clothing's Monica Wiggle Dress by designer Laura Byrnes shop it here! For those who are new to Pinup Girl Clothing and Laura Byrnes designs please note that her dresses come… Continue reading Holiday ready with Pinup Girl Clothing

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Creating the Glamorous Cat-Eye

The Glamorous 'Old Hollywood' Cat Eye I am often asked “Am I too old to wear winged liner?” My short response is “NO!” You are never too old to wear makeup that makes you feel glamorous.  As a working makeup artist, especially one who is obsessed with creating vintage glam looks, I have applied winged… Continue reading Creating the Glamorous Cat-Eye

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Vintage Ooollee Costume Shop & Vintage Clothing Store

                                                  Hello Lover! Today I am taking you with me as I shop and tour one of my favorite little stores! Vintage Ooollee is a vintage clothing and costume store located… Continue reading Vintage Ooollee Costume Shop & Vintage Clothing Store