Glamorous Fashion Reviews

Chic & Affordable fashion from AWBridal

Looking for summer inspired outfit ideas? Need chic but affordable options? Read on to see which three outfits from AWBridal I am loving for the season! walking in historic Charleston wearing the Neva set from AWBridal AW Bridal has everything from jumpsuits to wedding dresses all ranging in styles, sizes, colors, and prices. It is… Continue reading Chic & Affordable fashion from AWBridal

Vintage clothing reviews

Zapaka Vintage Fashion

Zapaka Vintage Fashion When it comes to fashion, especially Vintage inspired fashion, I go nuts! I love sharing brands that I enjoy with all of you! Today I am showing two dresses that I picked out in collaboration with the brand named Zapaka. After going over their website I realized they have a lot of… Continue reading Zapaka Vintage Fashion