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5 Makeup Mistakes you may be making with Foundation

I've been meaning to make a post discussing the most common foundation mistakes I see people make the most often. As a Licensed Aesthetician I have 15 years of professional service and have worked with many clients. Please keep reading to hear my opinions on the biggest foundation complaints. Wearing Rinna Beauty lipstick & MAC studio… Continue reading 5 Makeup Mistakes you may be making with Foundation

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Hello everyone! Today I am sharing my latest MAC Cosmetics Makeup Haul. These are the go-to products I use to help cultivate my Vintage Glam makeup style, and use repeatedly on my clients who hire my services. Here is a list of all the goodies in my bag.  MAC BULK FACIAL WIPES MAC STROBE CREAM PINKLITE MAC… Continue reading MAC MAKEUP HAUL

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Miss Audrey Monroe

Thank you for taking an interest in Miss Audrey Monroe. We hope you enjoy the content you find here. Miss Monroe has slowly been working on creating a Vintage Beauty Hub that caters to multiple interests and topics. What will you find here? Miss Audrey Monroe specializes in Vintage Fashion, Hair, and Makeup. As a… Continue reading Miss Audrey Monroe

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Top 4 Best Eye Liners!

In today's post I am sharing the Top 4 Best Eye Liners.  It can be hard to find an eye liner to love. We often wonder which liners work the best. Below are my Holy Grail eye liners and I reach for them all the time! Some I have used for years and years. I… Continue reading Top 4 Best Eye Liners!

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How to make Dark Lipstick last

Last week I launched my  Revlon Giveaway! and shared certain lipstick colors that will be HOT for spring and summer 2018. This week I wanted to share an amazing tip on how to make that dark lipstick last! It's super easy and changes everything about wearing dark lipstick. Fear the red no more! I created a… Continue reading How to make Dark Lipstick last

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My Everyday Makeup Tutorial

In a previous post Starting a Beauty Routine I had a request to put together my everyday skin care and makeup routines. I am happy to oblige and I hope that by sharing some of my tips and techniques that it will help inspire a beauty regimen that you love. Below you will find a video, albeit… Continue reading My Everyday Makeup Tutorial